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Post  ghostyboy5 on Mon Sep 03, 2012 2:00 pm

Hello, I have been recently looking for a new Minecraft Community to join. Seeing as how many of the current community sites have gotten either overpopulated, abandoned, or just plain out shitty. And I came upon this website a few months ago, however I immediately left it due to a few reasons that turned me away immediately. I have a few suggestions that may improve the site, and get an overall larger base.

The Header: The header is too large, it consumes nearly 1/3 of the entire screen. I suggest making the header much smaller, make it so the header isn't the main view of anyone who comes to the site, but the site itself.

The Gui: The Gui is to..standard. I mean honestly, the navigation buttons look like standard keyboard keys. Make it original, give the website gui a Minecraft theme overall, however not so much as it seems like every other.

The Theme: The overall theme seems too based on "Blaze" everything is red, orange, or in between. I understand the theme of the site is a Blaze, but it seems a bit overkill.

The Community: The staff should be more active on the forums. Despite that they are staff, and there are very few people who will view the posts, it is always great to put posts into the forums, not meaningless posts, but posts that would get people to think, "Hmm, maybe this site isn't too bad after all"

I think this site has some potential, and those were just a few of my suggestions.

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