1.3.2 Pros - Cons

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1.3.2 Pros - Cons

Post  ghostyboy5 on Mon Sep 03, 2012 2:07 pm

(Yes I know this is late, however I have been busy.)

This blog will feature (in my opinion) the Pros and the Cons of 1.3.2. Lets begin shall we?


Books - I love how you can no write in books, it allows you to create server lore, stories, or just logs of what you did over the past hour or so. I truly love the concept.

Tripwires - I am impartial at this part of the update. I have always been a decently enthused redstoner, however this updated item truly piqued my interest. It truly enhances the "Trap" concept, and the "Security System" idea. It is more hidden, and honestly more versatile than pressure plates. Great job Jeb, on at-least this.

Log - I enjoy the Sideways logs, this truly makes it more interesting when building. You can use them to add effects, or (as seen on my Tribal Fort), you can do them to create a new feel to walls.

Cocoa Beans - I honestly don't even know what Cocoa Beans are for. Some of my server staff members informed me during this post that they are used to create Cookies. Okay...Well I enjoy that they finally grow ABOVE-GROUND. aha.


Books - I enjoy that you can write in books, however there is no way to display those writings for other players. You can not put those books in the Bookcase for others to read, and the only way for people to even read what you have put in the book, is if you drop the book in front of them, for them to pick it up and read it.

Tripwires - As I said, I enjoy the tripwires, however at first it was a bit difficult figuring out how to work them, for instance I continued to use the string incorrectly, and by the time I figured it out, someone had already gotten into my house and...had taken my Diamonds!

Logs - The one thing I dislike about the sideways logs, is how easy it is to mistakenly place them. Say you are making a wall, If you put them at the slightest of angles, it becomes a sideways log, and that always screws me up honestly.

I understand not all 1.3.2 updates were included in this post. If you have any requests to be added, or your opinion to be voiced, simply comment below.

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